26 September, 2020

The No Grow Zone

An MPs’ report damns GM seeds, asks for trials to stop

The No Grow Zone

Five FAQs On The MPs’ Report On GM Foods

  • Can we expect any official action now?
    It’s an advisory report—various ministries will have to take a view on it within three months. But some of the many concerns that have been raised will hopefully be addressed.
  • Are fears about GM crops justified?
    Reports on the impact of Bt cotton agri-waste and cottonseed cakes on cattle—and talk of pressure tactics being employed—are disquieting. More research is required.
  • Are systems in place for GM foods?
    No, far from it. Policymakers have been rushing through without adequate safeguards, proper independent facility for testing and proper regulation. This needs to change.
  • Why are MNC seed firms so distrusted?
    For BT cotton, a few brands have cornered the market. This has led to action being taken by state governments to get the firms to reduce the royalty charged from...


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