30 July, 2021

The New VC

If the government ensures that corporate hospitals are not allowed to ext­ort the relatives of a dead patient, a lot of money-grabbing practices would come to an end on their own.

The New VC

Delhi is a dangerous place to fall sick in. Here hospitals are corporate entities. When disease is business, it must get graver for the business to thrive. The worse the illness, the better the profits—that is thus the obvious revenue model. In a heartless industry that thrives on the customer’s misery, mark-ups are not even considered an unethical practice. From surgical gauze to gloves to masks to syringes, they are all being sold, often to a dead patient, with a mark-up of 100 to 1,000 per cent. Profiteering, somehow, is the acc­epted business practice in this profession. Stents and orthopaedic implants, as Outlook had exposed, were routinely sold at prices 300 to 1,000 per cent over the minimum retail price. In fact, the Modi government had done a great service to patients by capping the prices of these devices. Now will the government act against the overcharging corporate hospitals?

That brings us to the question: if they are corporate hospitals, why are they given land at concessional rates? Since they overcharge the patients, should not the...

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