13 April, 2021

The New Republic Of Auteurs

They have no kin in films—no father, nor a godfather. All they have in ­common is an inborn desire to tell a story.

The New Republic Of Auteurs

It’s a story on which a real film could be made: one that tells you about the shifting of an epoch, an old order crumbling, and new shoots springing up silen­tly all over, changing the landscape, giving it hitherto ­unsuspected colours and depth. Think about the cin­ema of the past few years, how ‘Bollywood’ (that name a dead giveaway) has decisively turned a corner in terms of aesthetics, credibility and intent. What enabled it? What impulse brought it forth? Who scripted this quiet renascence? Did the old moguls have a change of heart? Nahiiiiin! What’s gone unnoticed amid all the excitement is: there’s a new pack of movie moguls in B-town, who rode in on their horses from out in the hinterland, with different kinds of stories, dreams, nightmares.

Every change in epoch is about two things: a shift in who holds the power, and an inner paradigm shift in ways of thinking. The fiercely protected bastion of traditional production houses is under siege these days. And a bright breed of producers has arrived out of nowhere, with...

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