27 July, 2021

The New Kwid On The Block

An easy drive in the city, but some parts may rattle in the long run

Smooth Kid
A friend in mad traffic, the auto-manual Renault Kwid
The New Kwid On The Block

The Kwid 1 litre has moved up the evolutionary road, from manual transmission to an aut­omated version. The new species is called Kwid Easy-R, a pet name for Aut­omated Manual Transmission (AMT). As part of the evolution, it shed a few vestigial parts—the stick and the clutch pedal. The evolution helps humans survive the competition: city traffic, where the road covered between the signal turning green and red is less than a snail’s wriggle.

The Renault engineers uprooted the gear stick and left behind a ­cubby hole that could hold a bottle or tea cup. The Kwid now gets a rotary knob on the central console that lets you select three gears—Drive (D), Neutral (N) and Reverse (R)—which are mated to a three-cylinder 999 CC ­engine that ­delivers 67 HP at 5500 RPM and delivers a pulling power of 91 NM.

Let’s drive. Switch on the ignition and take your foot off the brake pedal, and you expect it to creep forward like any other automatic. But it doesn’t, until you press the accelerator, a thoughtful tweak to make good...

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