18 April, 2021

The New Improved Harshad Mehta

The Big Bull begins his second innings at the stockmarket with a more philosophical and reflective attitude

The New Improved Harshad Mehta

BORED Room—a quirky painting at the reception to Harshad Mehta's office on the 12th floor of a plush Nariman Point highrise. Stockbrokers, in various stages of passive activity, seated around a table which has an unobstructed view of the hub of  stocktrading—the BSE. Beyond that, the caricatured wall adornment says nothing.

Aptly so. Because Harshad Mehta is neither a bored man, and nor has he ever lost sight of the stock bazaar. In fact, as he lords over the spectacular view in his mostly black outfit, barring the floral pattern on his socks and his crisp white shirt, the only changes in him over the years seems to be the greying of that much photographed mane and a more reflective attitude to changes in fortune. As he sits smartly behind his laptop, the Big Bull appears raring to go. A Supreme Court directive passed some time ago has permitted him to barge back into action. Ironically, Mehta's attempts to move bag and baggage into the market coincide with a former prime minister, the alleged recipient of the Rs 1 crore suitcase,...

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