30 November, 2020

The New Formula

Learning to make flops pay

The New Formula

Bollywood has perfected the art of thought control. Couldn’t have been otherwise. For, its hall of fame (or infamy if you like) has always had the motto ringing loud and clear: buck up or go bust. In this cut-throat realm of images, the ability to read the mind of a potential audience is not merely one among the many qualities meant to be flaunted around, but is imperative for success and survival.

That Hindi filmmakers can also double up as professional mind-readers has, however, ceased to be a safe maxim, thanks to the chaos that has descended upon the box office recently. Therefore, One two ka Four is not only a film title, it’s also an incantation of hope.

The spinners of big-budget masala yarns seem to have lost their magical dexterity and perhaps find it increasingly difficult to fathom the mind of the ‘ideal’ viewer. That is precisely why roughly one in five films released annually recovers its money. There is no crash-proof formula. Sometimes when boy meets girl, it’s a hit, but there are times when it’s a flop. The mind of the Hindi...



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