28 November, 2020

The Netherlands Diary | Of Windmills, Precision, Free Coffee And Public Protest

When school teachers were protesting outside the Escher Museum in the Hague, there were no menacing men in uniform swinging batons, and no spectre of violence haunting the gathering

Illustration by Saahil
The Netherlands Diary | Of Windmills, Precision, Free Coffee And Public Protest

“China? Have you come from China?” asked the stewardess as she flipped through my passport. I was transiting via Dubai in the first week of February—a time when we traipsed through airports without temperature checks or protective gear, barely a mask in sight. Confined to my house for three months now, I look back at a trip that might be my last for a long, long time.

Blowin’ In The Wind

“Who visits the Netherlands in the winter? There has been no sunshine in the past two months,” my friend exclaims. Indeed. Throughout January, the temperature remains entrenched in single digits and the weather app indicates a hard rain’s gonna fall every day. But as my flight descends to Schiphol Airport, I see clouds casting shadows on a sea of lucent yellow—the sun has finally glossed over the grey pall. Over the next few days, it retreats, but the rain is usually a drizzle and it...



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