05 August, 2021

The Multi-Layered Terrorist Cake

So warns the Pakistani author, and advocates the need for holistic solutions

The Multi-Layered Terrorist Cake
One of Pakistan’s most respected journalists, Ahmed Rashid made an international splash in 2001 with his book, Taliban. He never looked back, churning out popular books based on first-hand information gleaned from a troubled region few dare to venture into. His latest book, the third in seven years, has a ponderous title, portending an apocalypse. Packed with new and up-to-date information, it is an impassioned plea for coordinated international action to avert total chaos in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia.

A participant observer of history in the making, Rashid wants not only to be read and heard, but also heeded. He has made an invaluable contribution to the debate on why the war against Islamic extremism has been blowing up in the faces of its perpetrators. His marshalling of fresh evidence is admirable and, given his knowledge of the ground situation, credible, even if not all of it is instantly verifiable. The message is plain: the international community and the people of these countries have to understand what has...

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