21 June, 2021

The Most Wanted Delhiite On Earth

Did his $2-billion worth of crooked deals trigger off the Asian economic meltdown? Meet...

The Most Wanted Delhiite On Earth

  •  The Thai government wants him back so they can nail him for one of the biggest bank scams in the world.

  •  The British authorities are examining his role in a coup in Sierra Leone, which embarrassed the Tony Blair government and nearly brought about the resignation of Robin Cook.

  •  Saudi Arabian arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi wants to get his hands on him: apparently he sent an IRA hit squad to threaten Khashoggi's daughter over soured deals.

  •  The complex and murky web he spun stretches from Hong Kong to Zurich, from the Cayman Islands to Moscow.

  •  And the Indian government is investigating his links with godman Chandraswami.

    WHILE Delhi boy Rakesh Saxena sits pretty in Vancouver, Canada, fighting—successfully till now—a bid to extradite him to Bangkok. How did an Indian—alumnus of Delhi's elite St Columba's School and St Stephen's College—manage to become Thailand's most wanted man? The Thai authorities say Saxena is one of the...

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