29 July, 2021

The Moon Also Waxes

Why isn’t good news getting the space it deserves? Is it too undramatic, does it sound implausible? Are we too much in the sway of the brute Indian reality?

Illustration by Sandeep Adhwaryu
The Moon Also Waxes

Where’s the good news? Not the sort that energetic evangelicals bring with their tracts and their spiels for Jesus, just ordinarily good (good as in cheering, uplifting, heartening, encouraging) news? Where’s the story about the honest member of Parliament who used his discretionary funds to actually help his constituents? About the judges who outlawed state vigilantism? About the district where payments under NREGA are made in full? It surely can’t be any editor’s case that honesty, scruple and inspirational work are absent in India, so why don’t we, as consumers of news, hear about them?

Illustration by Sandeep...

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