24 January, 2021

The Monologue Of The Modi Mausi

A clutch of women columnists have taken it upon themselves to promote and protect the BJP’s 56-incher

Illustration by Sorit
The Monologue Of The Modi Mausi

Twitter insults, microblogging paranoia, professional bile, airbrushed politics, status anxiety...women columnists are playing a starring role in the making of Messiah Narendra Modi. The Libs call them Hate Hags or Hacks, but Madhu Purnima Kishwar, Tavleen Singh, Sandhya Jain have rigidly stuck it out, with steam and stamina, hitting out at critics of their Hriday Samrat, Emperor of Hindu Hearts. Some have been mudslinging and muckraking, some have been expansive and demonstrative, but they have all been steadfastly loyal to the idea of Narendra Modi, who is not, as their adversaries beli­eve, an autocratic, absolutist leader, even a Merchant of Death, but one who will usher in a golden age for India.

They have swung into the national debate ever since the media’s imbalance in promoting Modi tilted favourably towards him, feverishly affirming their faith on television, Twitter, Facebook and in their columns. They dismiss contrarian, inquiring views as archaic and wimpy; and club those who question them as com­m­unists, feminists, and socialists....



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