22 June, 2021

The Mirror Cracked

An inept Mumbai police, plagued by a new strain of educated jehadis, await more terror Updates

The Mirror Cracked
Heads never rolled at the police headquarters, even though five blasts ripped through Mumbai in less than nine months. But they certainly did on Monday August 25 in Zaveri Bazaar and the Gateway of India. Ordinary people, who were shopping or just strolling, who thought they were safe and protected, perished when bombs placed in two taxis went off. Minutes after the explosions the famed Mumbai police did what it does very well these days. Clean up. Within an hour, near the ancient parapets of the Gateway, there were only small streams of blood, glass shards and automobile parts. Firemen quietly searched for the bodies that fell into the Arabian Sea. A bomb-squad specialist held a sophisticated box, matched a stain on a cotton strip with colour patterns in his device and whispered to his colleague, "rdx", something the forensic lab will confirm only days later. There was a certain calm all around the Gateway for even the barricaded gawkers at a good distance stood in a huge hush. The dead were in hospitals. Some of the injured were slipping away. Some others survived.


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