25 November, 2020

The Mirror Asking

Giant-in-the-making, cub in the Big Boy's Club. India has to think deep about what exactly is 'arriving'.

The Mirror Asking
We are presently much dazzled by change and numbers and glitter and speed: by how different we have become from how we were. There is a breathlessness in the talk of the Indian media, businessmen, foreign policy wonks: we are at a once-in-a-generation moment—or, more often, we’ve already arrived.

Markets are a-boom—from cement to software, art to underwear—and are blithely indifferent to politics. Leaden-footed governments have ceased to much perturb the dynamic parts of the economy, and Indian capitalism’s confidence today is such that it can brush off a major terrorist attack in its own heartland and maintain its upward climb.

The new statistical India—we can all cite growth rates now, discourse on the ‘demographic dividend’, recite how many new mobile phones joined the networks last week—has combined with the sense that India is now at least a cub member of the big boys’ club, that Washington above all wants and maybe actually needs us. Even Beijing is starting to acknowledge that India’s democratic experiment...



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