14 June, 2021

The Mecca Of Medicare

Hyderabad emerges as the leading centre of healthcare in terms of low-cost treatment and training

The Mecca Of Medicare

STATE-of-the-art medicare and corporate hospitals are fast becoming an integral part of the Indian healthcare landscape. And as major metros compete with each other to become the country's leading health centres, it is Hyderabad which seems to be leading the way with a mix of superspeciality and single-speciality hospitals, well-reputed doctors as well as competitive prices.

Hyderabad has for decades been considered an important medical centre, with Indian presidents from S. Radhakrishnan to V.V. Giri having their medical check-ups at the Osmania General Hospital. Over time, smaller nursing homes have sprung up, taking advantage of the lacunae left by government hospitals. But it was not until the mid-'80s, when the Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) became an autonomous institution and Apollo Hospital was set up here, that medical care in the city grabbed national attention. This set off a chain reaction, and today Hyderabad boasts of the largest number of hospitals in the private sector in the country. 


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