20 September, 2020

The March Sky Isn’t Forever

Distance oneself from the perspective of the moment, and look at the verdict 2012 with a magnifying glass

Tribhuvan Tiwari
The March Sky Isn’t Forever

The din has died down on a long-drawn, tiring contest; the victor relishes his triumph, the loser licks his wounds in silence. The sun has set, temporarily, on some parties and their leaders—but really just for a long night. Despite setbacks, all parties prepare to fight for another day, taking on new challenges. But how do parties go about doing that? How does the aam aadmi look at the continuing political melodrama? To understand the ramifications, one has to distance oneself from the perspective of the moment, and look at the verdict with a magnifying glass. We can then peep into the future with a periscope.

1. Was this the ‘Big One’ or the first semi-final?

For once, let’s forget the hype surrounding this round of assembly elections. Imagine an analysis of the next Lok Sabha, whenever they are held—in 2014 or earlier. In that assessment, how prominently would this verdict be factored in?

If this is difficult to visualise, rewind to the days after the astounding...



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