22 June, 2021

The Mango Harvest

Never before has a weaker Congress been hit by harsher opprobrium

Illustration by Sorit
The Mango Harvest

In its long and tortuous history, the Indian National Congress has faced many trials and tribulations. But never before has the image of the 127-year-old political entity been subject to such public ridicule. Indeed, as it gets flung back and forth virtually every other day from controversy to controversy, even otherwise thick-skinned Congressmen are squirming at the unending downpour of muck drowning their party.

Last Friday evening, flipping through the four main English television channels was revealing. On display was the astonishing variety of the Congress’s current woes. In a two-hour exclusive, NDTV offered viewers graphic details of the vast amounts of money paid out by a private steel firm to a certain “VBS”, implicating veteran leader Virbhadra Singh, the party’s spearhead in next month’s assembly polls in Himachal Pradesh. Times Now, meanwhile, was alternating between a Haryana Congress leader’s absurd remark that 90 per cent of raped women in the state had asked for it, and the antics of a gun-brandishing Congress MP in...

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