16 June, 2021

The Man Never Left

Sanjay Joshi, the centre of the BJP’s dissenters

Jitender Gupta
The Man Never Left

An impressive crowd of party workers and at least two MPs crowd into the drawing room of a North Avenue flat in New Delhi on Wednesday morning. They are all waiting for the controversial ‘nobody’, Sanjay Joshi. It has been five days since BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar announced that Joshi had resigned from the party, ostensibly because strongman Narendra Modi wanted him out. But the assembly appears unfazed.

Predictably, they were all talking about ‘Namo’ and were evidently no fans of his. The subject of their discussion was Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar’s scathing response to Modi’s condescending comment that casteism had ruined Bihar.

When Joshi, who had just returned from Nagpur, did emerge finally, it was only to add to the prevailing confusion in the BJP. “Who says I have resigned from the BJP?” he asked; he had only relinquished his responsibility of overseeing party affairs in Uttar Pradesh. He blames the media for not checking facts and insinuates that the...

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