12 May, 2021

The Long March

With Chinese contracts come illegal Chinese workers, swamping the worksites

Jitender Gupta
The Long March
  • The Issue Import of thousands of Chinese unskilled, semi-skilled workers who have taken jobs away from many Indians.
  • Why Now Chinese firms have won numerous contracts in India. They have flown in their workers for various reasons, including linguistic compatibility and reducing unemployment back home.
  • What They Do Since most of these companies are building power plants and steel factories, the unskilled and semi-skilled workers include carpenters, welders, masons, drivers etc.
  • Is It Legal Import of any unskilled and semi-skilled labour is prohibited. Most
    of them are here on ‘illegal’ business visas. Even if skilled workers come on business visas, it does not allow them to be employed.

Total Chinese workers 25,000


Our Workers

  • Paid minimum wage, takes home Rs 87 per day after deductions
  • ...

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