05 August, 2021

The Long Harm Of The State

Everyone knows the case against Binayak is bogus, but Chhattisgarh will not let him have it easy

The Long Harm Of The State

When the state decides to go for someone, a lot of energy, paperwork and determination is on display. The four chargesheets against Binayak Sen run into over 1,000 pages. Some 417 exhibits were presented in court. The defence team presented 56 documents. There were 97 prosecution witnesses compared to just 11 defence witnesses. During the arguments, both sides cited 70 different judgements.

Judge B.P. Verma of the Raipur sessions court came to the case just a year ago and the final arguments closed just a week before the judgement was pronounced. He apparently managed the feat of going through all the evidence and arguments and writing a 92-page judgement in just about a week. Activists accuse the judge of cutting-and-pasting the judgement from the police chargesheet and fir, but that remains only a speculation.

What is indeed a fact is that most lawyers believe any court would have thrown out the case. They say it cannot stick even in Chhattisgarh. But then Binayak Sen’s family has learned the hard way that...

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