14 May, 2021

The Loneliness Of Being Mr Sinha

He may not yet have conjured up an antidote for the slowdown, but then that's the lot of everybody's favourite fall guy

The Loneliness Of Being Mr Sinha
Well-meaning, earnest, reticent, persistent, sometimes dogged, babuish, not exactly a hit with the PM, even less so with the mandarins in the pmo. Yashwant Sinha has been described variously but never once as somebody who has the potential to set North Block afire. A fact that A.B. Vajpayee was aware of when he grudgingly agreed to put him in charge of the crucial finance portfolio in 1998 as well as 1999.

A fact that bobs up whenever the economy gets into a tangle, business confidence dips, stockmarkets go into a depression, the rupee languishes. Of late, this is happening ever so often. Resulting in the capital's imaginative gossips chalking out a seemingly foolproof plan of Sinha's bidding goodbye to North Block and taking over the reins of Jharkhand.

Whether Sinha's political banishment is imminent or necessary is a different story altogether—after all, the nda doesn't always present a very consistent face. But why must the finance minister be the single repository of general ill-will for whatever that happens or does not happen to the economy? It's a...

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