29 July, 2021

The Lone Cypress In The Sullage

The Lone Cypress In The Sullage
THIS has been a season of seizures. The resort developer next door who built a vast unsanctioned hotel without any sanitary concern for his neighbours (the sullage daily floods the main road through which schoolchildren and the public have to wade) apparently got wind of the law catching up and converted it into a school. There was a rumour that the Supreme Court was "seized of the matter" and had ordered unsanctioned resorts to be demolished. According to local reports, the school (run by a Bihari) is said to charge Rs 15 lakh for kindergarten but guarantees your child a place in the IAS in the fullness of time (presumably in the Bihar cadre). The local authorities in the meantime sought to solve the prob lem of sullage flowing in the public domain. Instead of insisting the resort builder construct tanks according to his "recommended for sanction" (but not sanctioned) plans, they summoned those who complained of the smell (at the top of the hill) but did not summon those like myself (at the bottom) where the smell is much worse. The reason the resort builder refuses to build tanks...

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