14 May, 2021

The Lo-Cal Literati

These young professionals are giving vent to the book in them, sans any literary pretension

The Lo-Cal Literati

Unique Selling Propositions

New authors are shaking up the publishing industry by devising innovative ways to sell their books

  • Endorsement deals When former Infosys manager, Ravinder Singh, wrote his first book, I Too Had a Love Story, he approached the popular matrimonial agency shaadi.com for a tie-up, which sent his sales soaring
  • Free Samples Weeks before Amish Tripathi’s Immortals of Meluha hit the bookshops, he printed sample copies of the first chapter and persuaded bookshops and chains to give them away free to anyone who approached the cash counter, creating a buzz
  • YouTube Several first-time authors engage ad professionals to make a trailer based on their book and load it on YouTube, resulting in hits and awareness by the thousands
  • Social media Authors proudly flaunt websites, Facebook and Twitter accounts, encouraging readers to contact them directly. Not only readers’ queries, but even...

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