13 May, 2021

The Life And Times Of KP

He is a media recluse but loves to party with the glamorous and the politically connected

The Life And Times Of KP

"In Mumbai, we judge the sex appeal of a man not by his colourful lifestyle but by his ability to hit the target."
— A top BSE broker

Unlike Harshad Mehta, who he is inevitably being compared to, Ketan Parekh—even in his best days—was never high-profile or abrasive. "You won’t find a bmw in his courtyard," says a close associate. Parekh has hardly been photographed by the media—a complete contrast to Mehta at his peak—and he has never been interviewed. Whether this was a deliberate strategy or innate shyness, it all added to KP’s aura of mystery.

The daily routine of Parekh, 38, doting father of two, starts with a temple visit. At exactly 11 am, he reaches his office at 121, Nagindas Master Road, Radha Bhavan, in Mumbai’s Fort area. The next two hours are spent in business dealings coordinated by his secretary Aditi Shah. All post-lunch meetings are customarily held at the Taj Chambers. Parekh usually ends his working day with a 7 pm meeting with Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd (hfcl) head Vinay Maloo, when Maloo is in...

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