15 May, 2021

'The Letter Should Have Come To Me'

The former external affairs minister on the mystery letter that he says he didn't see as it "was never put up to" him.

T. Narayan
'The Letter Should Have Come To Me'

Did you get to see this letter?
I didn't see the letter. It was never put up to me. Therefore, the question of acting on that letter at my level does not arise. Why didn't the officers put it up to me? I don't know. But I also feel that this was an important enough letter which should have been brought to my notice. Either by marking the letter to me for my information, or by putting it up on file.

Did you ask the government to produce this letter?
In the Rajya Sabha, I challenged the government that if there was indeed such a letter it should be tabled in the House. (Finance minister P.) Chidambaram, in his reply, did refer to the existence of such a letter. On my repeated demands that a copy of this letter be made available to the House, he said he would hand over a copy of the letter to the Rajya Sabha chairman. To the best of my knowledge, it hasn't been done till today (December 14). I'm dismayed that the government has not thought it fit, even after 15 days, to show this letter to the Rajya Sabha chairman.

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