19 June, 2021

The Lens With Bite

Some 36 crore news stories a year, but how many are really news? You need new weaponry to put the sting back in the tale.

The Lens With Bite
Gearing up with a hidden camera ten years back meant you had to strap on something close to a home theatre system on your body. These days digital technology has condensed it all to the size of a cigarette box. In times when images can be more powerful than tank battalions, the shrinkage has meant that with a certain amount of dexterity and presence of mind video pixels can be dug out from even previously perilous situations.

The weaponry comes in handy when you troop to corner people who more or less choose to define themselves by the amount they have creamed off the exchequer. The tragedy of Indian society is that it has ceased to be outraged by acts of corruption. It's bandied about as the "inherent cost" of cracking a deal and if this indifference to corruption continues, Indian democracy itself would become corruption's principal victim.

Democracy has little problem tolerating corruption as long as things are stable. The status quo is apparently a sign of stability. In a similar fashion, democracy tolerates tyranny as well. But...

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