28 July, 2021

“The Legislature Must Bring BCCI Under RTI”

Justice R.M. Lodha who is now looking after the tainted BCCI on why cricketing fiefdoms should be demolished and why betting should be legalised.

Jitender Gupta
“The Legislature Must Bring BCCI Under RTI”

By his own admission, Justice R.M. Lodha, a former chief justice of India, wasn’t much of a cricketer after school. As a judge, he played just two matches—and fielding a ball in one, he broke his thumb. For all that, he is happy with his recent innings heading a committee that looked at the functioning of the tainted Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and has recommended radical reforms. Some of the committee’s recommendations have hurt egos in the power circles that have been running the board and dealt it a body blow. In an interview with Ushinor Majumdar, Justice Lodha explains why cricketing fiefdoms must be demolished and why betting must be legalised though that might seem unpa­latable to conservative Indian society.

How troubling was it for you when you first learnt about corruption in cricket?

The first probe was by the Justice Chandrachud commission, set off by Outlook’s expose of match-fixing in the late 1990s. We did not know about much of what was...

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