03 March, 2021

The Law Is Under Trial Here

The legal journey in the Muzaffarnagar rape cases is far from encouraging

Jitender Gupta
The Law Is Under Trial Here

“If the government does not do anything in the next few days, I will do what even Damini did not do. I will set myself and my sons on fire in the middle of Muzaffarnagar city,” says S on the phone, two days after two rape accused in her case were granted bail. When I had met her in July, S was about to start her ‘Stitching Training Centre’ along with her husband, determined to fight her case till justice was hers.

The Damini she refers to you may know as Nirbhaya, or more baldly as the “Delhi gangrape victim”. S was gang­raped by three men from her village in Lankh on September 8, 2013, in Shamli district (see Outlook story Shadow Lines, Aug 4, 2014),...

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