23 September, 2020

"The Law Is Merely Taking Its Own Course"

Outlook met a relaxed and cheerful T.R. Prasad, secretary, heavy industry, and chairman of Maruti Udyog Limited, hours before he allegedly told the Assurances Committee that he would push for a quick removal of Bhargava. Excerpts from the inte

"The Law Is Merely Taking Its Own Course"
Why is the Government hounding R.C. Bhargava?

We are not hounding him. When Suzuki appointed Bhargava as managing director in 1992, the then secretary, Department of Heavy Industries, Surendra Singh had written to Mr Suzuki on August 28, 1992 informing him that allegations of impropriety had been levelled against Bhargava. The letter said that these allegations were being looked into by the investigating agencies. He made it clear that the law would take its own course and Suzuki might have to pay a price if Bhargava was indicted. They chose to ignore it and went on to appoint Bhargava. The law is merely taking its own course now and the action against him is not unanticipated.

But that was in 1992. Why has it taken till 1996 to take action against Bhargava?

That is exactly what the Assurances Committee holds against us. But the Assurances Committee gave us their recommendations only on August 30, 1995 and we promptly referred the matter to the Ministry of Law. And only in December 1995 did they say that we can move under Section...



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