13 April, 2021

The Law As An Angry Red Light

The Law As An Angry Red Light
Absence of judicial accountability, a national malaise, has now wormed its way into Kerala—a high court judge made news when he allegedly assaulted a young motorcyclist on December 2. The judge reportedly waylaid the young man, an employee of a furniture shop in Kochi, and allegedly slapped him for not giving him the right of way. The incident spawned much outrage, dismay and frenzied concern, with people from various fora coming under the aegis of the Forum for Democratic Rights to demand an apology from the judge.

Ironically, it was the same judge who had delivered the inaugural speech at a seminar—Women and Human Rights—on World Human Rights Day. He said the "mighty of the land have scant regard for the laws governing us.... They violate even one-way traffic rules".

No FIR was filed and the case has reportedly been "settled in the chambers of a high court judge". But the Kerala High Court Lawyers’ Association has passed a resolution demanding an inquiry by the chief justice.

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