27 February, 2021

The Kink In The Crusade

The deluge of 'official' smut gives way to a mood of introspection

The Kink In The Crusade

SATURATION point seems to have been reached in the endless examination of President Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky. As the 'affair of state' hit another peak—or depth—on September 21 with the coverage of the US President's four-hour videotaped grand jury testimony, many observers balked. Yet, the denouement is still to come. What does the release of the videotape and other documents mean for Clinton? Can he survive? Will he be impeached or merely censured? Will the 'Leader of the Free World'—as Clinton is often called in the US media—be morally crippled as a result of the continuing investigation?

And, of course, who are the likely winners and losers in this equation? Public polls and the White House's own surveys show that a strong majority want to keep Clinton in office and are eager to close a matter they find distasteful. Democrats express the hope that Clinton might be able to capitalise on the public's favourable impression of his grand jury testimony. An overnight poll conducted by presidential pollster Mark Penn...

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