21 June, 2021

The Katha Of The Big O, Retold

Shedding the shroud of prudery, Indian women are increasingly seeking professional advice for sexual satisfaction

The Katha Of The Big O, Retold

Bistari ki aakhri manzil nahin pahunch saki (I could never reach the final point of lovemaking)." As destinations go, a strange one, this. But notwithstanding her coyness, the woman consulting sex guru Dr Prakash Kothari was set on attaining her genteel euphemism for orgasm.

Increasingly, Dr Kothari, head of the sexual medicine department at Mumbai’s King Edward Memorial hospital - the only such department catering to a billion Indians - faces such unfazed female drive not to be derailed en route to what the Oxford dictionary chastely (and inadequately) defines as the "most intense moment of sexual excitement". When the department was started a quarter century ago, it was, for quite a few years, virtuously avoided by women who’d turned amnesic about belonging to the land that worshipped Kama, the progenitor of the voluminous Sutra. But today, they peep out of their mental purdah, finally conceding that sex is not a four-letter word.

There also appears to be a clear departure from the earlier solicitude over male gratification alone that pretended...

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