24 November, 2020

The Issues No One Talks About At All

Power-crazy politicians hardly care for the real problems facing India: health, population, education

The Issues No One Talks About At All
  •  More than half the world's 842 million illiterates are Indians.
  •  Over 170 million Indians—one in every six—don't have access to safe drinking water.
  •  Nine Indians are born every ten seconds.

    Who gives a damn? Not the power-hungry politician. Not the career bureaucrat. Not even the suffering masses themselves—they have got used to their wretchedness. Grave problems. But when did you last see, hear or read about your local MLA or MP sitting on a hunger strike when the hospital next door did not have a doctor for six months? Or when the primary school functioned without a teacher. Or when...

    These are the real issues the Indian electorate faces, election after election, year after year, day after day: water, health, education, security, jobs—life. Issues that are born within the 1 billion mass everyday, that are highlighted on the election platform, and that die with every election victory. Lip service: yes; real solutions: no.

    Andre Beteille, professor of sociology at the Delhi School of Economics, says that the lack of proper...



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