18 September, 2020

The In Vitreous State

Aussie parents shop for surrogates in India

The In Vitreous State

Surrogacy Rules Across World

  • Australia In most parts, commercial surrogacy is illegal. Where allowed, the surrogate mother is considered the legal mother.
  • India Commercial surrogacy began in 2002
  • Canada Illegal
  • Hungary Illegal
  • Japan Illegal
  • France Illegal
  • Israel State-controlled surrogacy
  • United Kingdom Legal since 2009
  • United States Most states have their own laws. Florida and California have more relaxed legislation.


India is now the baby hub of the Australasian world. The Aussies are queueing up for a ‘made in India’ baby as surrogacy is illegal in most Australian states (in the few where commercial surrogacy is permitted, the law recognises the surrogate as the legal mother). This has led to many Australians...



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