25 June, 2021

The Importance Of Being Ashok Mitra

An incisive, culturally alive mind, but politically a blend of revolutionary naivete and tactical posturing

The Importance Of Being Ashok Mitra
This is the English version of the author’s biographical narrative, Apila-Chapila, originally serialised in Bengali journal Desh. A distinguished economist, political activist, a stimulating essayist and columnist and a vigorous polemicist, Ashok Mitra excels in both languages. The first part offers an interesting account of his journey from childhood at Dacca, then a sleepy district town in East Bengal, to the end of his formal academic career at the Institute of Social Studies at The Hague, Netherlands, under Professor Jan Tinbergen, one of the world’s foremost econometricians. Mitra writes reminiscently of the natural beauty of East Bengal, its tangled social structure, the mystique of its music and, of course, the many addas and their exuberant joie de vivre. Mitra is a voracious reader and has met a large number of poets, writers, musicians, artists, composers, dramatists, teachers and politicians of left-wing vintage. His comments and letters on cultural and literary movements are rewarding and a significant contribution to...

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