01 March, 2021

The Immigrants And The Islamists

A brief history of radicalisation in the north-eastern state

The Immigrants And The Islamists

Where It Began

  • Sharp rise in voters on the electoral rolls observed between 1977 and 1978 during Mongoldoi LS byelection
  • AASU led the ‘Assam movement’ to stall the poll until ­“foreigners” removed from roll
  • Thousands of Muslims were ­massacred in Nellie (Nagaon ­district) in 1983
  • Accord signed in 1985 between the state, Centre and Assam movement leaders; March 25, 1971 made cut-off date for citizenship

Why The Urgency To Update NRC

  • Festered for four decades without closure
  • Pressure on land
  • Political mileage from the issue
  • Poor numbers of detection & deportation
  • Continued suspicion based on ­religio-linguistic identity

Origins Of Bengali Muslims In Assam

  • People moving due to pre-and post-Mughal conflict
  • Colonial settlement of tea-estate...
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