13 April, 2021

The Ice Dagger Was Sharp, And It Cut Deep

As a silent film gets its moment at the Oscars, how does our own take from the ’80s, Pushpak, hold up? As it happens, very well indeed.

The Ice Dagger Was Sharp, And It Cut Deep

Why Pushpak Flew

  • Plot: Romance, comedy, villainy, poverty, luxury, all in a king-for-a-day dream-come-true story that premiered at Cannes.
  • Director: Singeetham Srinivasa Rao, who did two more outstanding comedies, Appu Raja and Michael Mathana Kamarajan.
  • Actors: The insouciance of Kamalahaasan, innocence of Amala and cunning of Tinu Anand with the ice daggers.
  • Music: L. Vaidyanathan’s haunting melody. He later composed the title track of the hit TV magazine show, Surabhi.

Why The Artist Shines

  • Concept: A B&W silent film about the B&W silent films of the 1920s, with references to many great epics.
  • French connection: A French team making a film about era-gone-by Hollywood adds to its unique joie-de-vivre
  • Dog: Scene-stealer Jack Russell, Uggie

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