27 July, 2021

The Hook Of Revelations

Cronje knew more than he revealed. Did his death have anything to do with that?

The Hook Of Revelations
Was Hansie Cronje's death in an air crash an accident? Or was he murdered by a betting cartel? A recent report in the British newspaper, The Observer, seems to suggest the latter. The former South African captain was apparently bumped off for "fear of the real truth about Cronje ever emerging". From all accounts—including Outlook's independent inquiries with investigators who exposed Hansiegate and those close to the disgraced cricketer—Cronje knew too much. And was therefore vulnerable.

"There are just too many loose ends in the case. As far as we are concerned, the investigation is incomplete and much more would have surfaced on the organised bribery and corruption that was taking place on an international scale," says Delhi Police special commissioner K.K. Paul. In April 2000, it was Paul's crack team that trapped Cronje and London-based bookie Sanjeev Chawla through telephone taps, when the South African team was on a tour in India. It was this investigation which caused a sensation and prised open the murky underbelly of international...

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