20 October, 2020

'The High Court Has Upheld My Decision'

Even though the Allahabad High Court ter -med the proclamation of President's rule in Uttar Pradesh 'unconstitutional', Governor Romesh Bhandari insists that his stand has been vindicated by the court. Excerpts from an interview with Rajesh Joshi:

'The High Court Has Upheld My Decision'
Will you resign?
Certainly not. Why should I resign? The Parliament has endorsed the proclamation of President's rule. Do I go by the majority or by the minority? We are in a democratic country, I hope. Anyone who comes to me with 211 MLAs will be invited (to form the government).

Is this still a precondition?
My stand has been endorsed by the high court. If I call anyone purely on the basis of being the single largest party, I will be a party to violating the provisions of the 10th Schedule. And I could be hauled up for that.

The high court has termed your action 'unconstitutional'?
Fine. The matter is now before the Supreme Court and the constitutionality and other aspects will be determined by it. But Justice B.M. Lal has observed that Kalyan Singh failed to convince me that he would be able to secure the confidence of the House by proving his majority. He only contended that he be appointed chief minister. Which, indeed, if accepted would be violative of the provisions of Schedule 10 of the Constitution where horse-trading is...



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