02 October, 2020

The High And The Low Of It

Gireesh G.V.
The High And The Low Of It
Party drugs are used far more in social situations than other narcotics. This is because of their supposed ability to enhance even the best of good times, though in at least one particularly heinous case, the term ‘good time’ turned frighteningly inappropriate. A quick guide:

The only party drug with legal and social sanction. Available in an astounding variety, from swill to sublime. Wonderful relaxant and enhancer of conversation in moderation. In excess it’s a doorway to nausea, brain and liver damage, domestic discord, violence and death. And the hangovers get worse with age.

Really. Social abuse of sexual dysfunction drugs began in the gay clubs, then spread into the straight world. Just why anyone would want to parade Viagra’s effects in public is beyond the comprehension of the uninitiated. As if the lasting discomfort of overdose weren’t enough, studies now link it to...



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