31 October, 2020

The Hermit In His Cave

Salinger's obsession for privacy has led him to sue numerous fans

The Hermit In His Cave

Stories abound about how zealously Salinger guards his privacy. From the time that he had his photograph removed from the cover of Catcher in the Rye, to the furore over being "tricked" by the Claremont Daily Eagle, in November, 1953: Salinger gave an interview for the school page of the daily, which, however, front-paged the interview.

Not only did JDS go off the press but also the high school kids he had befriended to shut himself inside his house Life had described as "totally hidden behind a solid, impene-trable, mantall, woven wood fence". 

And then there is what Time called the "coy fraudulence" of the "throwaway self-interview" published only on the first edition jacket-flap of Franny & Zooey, which ends with

"My wife has asked me to add, however, in a single explosion of candour, that I live in Westport with my dog".

This had led Time to thunder: "The dark facts are that he has not lived in...



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