24 November, 2020

The Guilt Code

Britain's new catch-all terror laws are crafting a police state

The Guilt Code
Orwellian World
  • Proposed changed in terror laws allow the police to detain suspects without trial for 42 days
  • Allows lifelong tracking after release of anyone sentenced to more than five years for a terrorism offence
  • Foreign nationals facing expulsion for suspected terrorist offences can be denied access to the information indicting them
  • Access to information deemed useful to terrorists is reason enough for prosecution


Sabeel Ahmed is back in India, after "pleading guilty" to withholding information in the Glasgow jeep bombing incident of June 30, '07. Sabeel entered the "guilty" plea after maintaining innocence for almost a year. But the once-famous 'British justice' could be more guilty than Sabeel.

Sabeel was arrested on the day of the incident. But there never was a case against him that he had advance knowledge of it; his crime was that he opened an e-mail from his brother Kafeel (who rammed the jeep into the...


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