04 December, 2020

The Guesing Game

The Guesing Game
I have been charged with an onerous responsibility in our election coverage. I am organising the office sweepstake. For a modest contribution,friends, colleagues and visitors can forecast the number of seats the BJP will hold in the new Lok Sabha. The wisest among us will win just about enough to honour another office tradition—of vegetable samosas and gulab jamuns all round. The predictions are, of course, privileged information. It would be wrong of me to divulge which highly regarded political commentator believes that the BJP alone will be within a whisker of an overall majority, or which has forecast a performance so forlorn that every lotus flower in India will wilt in shame. Let us just say that there is a healthy divergence of opinion.

The pundits among us, of course, have carefully examined the opinion polls, allowed for last minute trends, weighed the impact of the Sonia factor in the southern vote, talked to colleagues about the likely impact of the RJD and the RJP, and taken full account of differential voter turnout. But let's not kid ourselves. The...



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