15 May, 2021

The Great Guru Hunt

Faced with a faculty crunch, retaining talent is the big issue

Kedar Bhatt
The Great Guru Hunt
For all that talk of what they don’t teach you at B-school, quality education finally boils down to the venerable guru in management classes. And as B-schools have mushroomed, a faculty crisis is imminent—there just aren’t enough professors. At many institutes that rack up the numbers, the quality of faculty leaves much to be desired. But B-schools are desperate to change this. Look at how they are increasingly showcasing their ‘quality faculty’ to attract students.

It’s not just small and upcoming ones that are grappling with a faculty crunch; the venerable IIMs and other top schools too are hurting. "Worldwide, there’s a shortage of faculty. The problem is compounded by high salaries in the US, Europe, Singapore and Hong Kong, which we are not able to match. Then there’s a shortage of PhDs, especially of Indian origin," points out M. Rammohan Rao, dean of the Hyderabad-based Indian School of Business.

Way back when B-schools were far and few, the prestige of being associated with one attracted good teaching talent....

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