20 October, 2020

The Great Divide

Below the Vindhyas the mood is sullen. The South thinks the North is guilty of not only arrogance and ignorance, but also cultural, economic and political colonialism.

The Great Divide

IS the North colonising the South? The answer from most southerners would be a loud, vehement, 'Yes'. To put the feelings of the South in a nutshell: the very north Indian mindset of clubbing all southerners as Madrasis erodes the plurality of the South. The North is guilty of arrogance and ignorance simultaneously. Northerners have come to think that India is exclusively their property. What's worse, the Government of India often acts as if it were primarily the Government of North India. 

The map of India, many feel, is the perfect metaphor for the deep cleavage between the North and South. North of the Vindhyas the topography expands, while the South tapers into the Indian Ocean. Six decades ago, the founders of the Dravidian movement in Tamil Nadu created a rallying slogan: "Vadaku vazhgirathu; Theruku Teigir-athu" (North is thriving; South is eroding).

More often than not, the distance between the southern state capitals and the national capital turns out to be more than geographical. All the centres of power are up North and there...



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