13 April, 2021

The Great Cricket Urs

Indians and Pakistanis do things in extreme. So also with the cricket bonhomie.

The Great Cricket Urs
What we're watching is an Indian invasion of Pakistan. It's funny that it is cricket that has thrown open the doors—more likely sluice gates—for this torrent of Indians pouring into Pakistani soil. It's funnier to watch Indians arrive by modes of transport suspended only two years ago: in buses, trains and planes. But the funniest of all is that Pakistanis are applauding even louder than the Indians at this invasion.

How times change! Till now, Pakistanis were raving and ranting against a mythical, virtual, potential Indian invasion. But now, they're cheering louder than anyone else imaginable. Indians were expected to arrive on Pakistani soil in jet fighters and tanks, armed with rifles, bayonets, missiles and even a nuclear bomb or two. Instead, they arrive in hordes armed with strange intangible things like goodwill, friendship, enthusiasm, bonhomie and merriment. In the event of an invasion, Indians were expected to loot and pillage. Instead, they are the Big Spenders, arriving with...

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