17 April, 2021

The Gov’t Is Combatose

General paralysis, endless scams, political crises leave the Congress-UPA rudderless

Narendra Bisht
The Gov’t Is Combatose

Woes Without End...

  • Corruption charges—from CBI, CAG, the media—dog the UPA
  • Scams like 2G, CWG and K-G Basin have corroded its credibility
  • Three Union ministers, Raja, Maran and Deora, have resigned
  • Investors shying away because of paralysis in government
  • The Lokpal Bill and Telangana issues have been handled badly
  • Allies like DMK and NCP are feeling uncomfortable with the anti-corruption drive


The Congress is literally on the streets. On the one hand, there’s Rahul Gandhi on foot in western UP, taking one step at a time to try and claim some ground in the nation’s largest state—which, from all accounts, promises to be an inordinately long journey. Then there’s the spectre of MLAs and MPs from Telangana resigning en masse—this in a state that elected 33 out of it 42 MPs from the Congress, the party’s biggest contingent. Worse is the...

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