01 August, 2021

The Good God

Nobody should be allowed to claim superiority for his God over his neighbour’s. The very logic of my-God-is-better-that-yours argument is perverse, invasive and col­onial.

The Good God

Visuals and voices of violence from across the globe have one thing in common—mindless, soulless murder in the name of God and religion. God, we are sadly reminded day after day, cannot be love. In all these videos God means death. Hinduism, or to be more precise Hindutva, is trying to achieve what Christianity and Islam had done over the millennia. All incidents of grave violence—bomb attacks, mass murders, wars or even individuals trying to drive a car into a crowd—are being done in the name of a Loving, Caring, Merciful, Father, Mother, Son or Formless God. But for the capital letters, these Gods don’t mean anything that they are supposed to signify. Marxists would want us to believe that it is the fallout of an imperial policy of religious revival by the British colonialists and then by the US during the anti-Soviet war in Afghanistan. Islamists would blame the Zionists, the Christians the jehadis and all of them would point fingers at Hindutva closer home. But the truth unfortunately is that someone’s God is definitely dangerous to someone else....

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