17 April, 2021

The Gita Today

We are on the Battlefield of Kurukshetra. What would Kr¨sna say to Arjuna today?

The Gita Today
Arjuna: My dear Kr¨sna,seeing my friends and relatives before me,I see only causes of misfortune, my mind does reel My own brothers, fathers, uncles before me I see I cannot fight men who are like me, that is how I feel.

There being consanguinity between us Our ancestors, culture, humour are the sameFor centuries the same land gave us sustenance Divided now, we forget the British were to blame.

Remember Gandhi said not to make the whole world blind How far peace is in the lands of Israel and PalestineWith brotherhood, kinship and love we must bind

When you start killing, where do you draw the line?Kr¨sna: In your goodness you look for concinnityYou love all the sheep, when some are black,For the sake of those of your own humanity You must fight those who stab you in your back.

The battle you think you see, (forget life is an illusion?)

Is barely there at all, (Indians are busy with fusion)The real battle is within thee (The Gita said to forget Self)To your own people you must call. (But for most...

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