25 September, 2020

The Gandhi In The Opposition

A biography of Feroze Gandhi brings to life a fiery parliamentarian

On Track CM
Feroze Gandhi with a young Rajiv and others at New Delhi’s Palam airport
Courtesy: Roli Books
The Gandhi In The Opposition

The following peep behind the scene of the Mundhra case is based on an on-camera interview with H.C. Heda on September 15, 1993. The Mundhra case is famous in Indian political history, and when (and if) Feroze Gandhi nowadays is remembered in political circles, it is often for his contribution to this affair.

Heda said: “In 1950 and up to Feroze’s death in 1960, there was a big gap in Parliament. There was no proper opposition to the Congress. Things were not coming out. The government leaders, they were so big that they could do anything. Take, for example, the stalwarts of those days—Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Govind Ballabh Pant, Morarji Desai. The lack of opposition was filled by Feroze in different ways.

He continued, “For example, Shyama Pra­­sad Mukherjee was there. He was a great opposition leader, but he did not come acr­oss as such. He didn’t have that investigating knack that Feroze had. And he (Feroze) was going into details, creating data, putting in hard work. That was needed. Mere knowledge is...



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