01 August, 2021

The Future Is Big

It's India's fastest-growing industry. Insecurity, uncertainty, innovation, technology: it's present perfect for those catering to the future-tense.

Atul Loke
The Future Is Big
Tomorrow, suddenly, is today's fastest growing business. The future, in India today, is worth Rs 40,000 crore and counting. Literally. It's your future and mine—health, education, careers, relationships; the fate of the share investment your uncle made last week; the outcome of decisions taken in corner offices of giant corporations; fortunes to be fashioned, formed, finished. If karma is a chameleon, the destiny industry is T-Rex on turbo. There has never been a more profitable present for Indian future-tellers.Elderly bare-torsoed men sitting under trees? Parrots picking cards spread out on the pavement? Well-thumbed palmistry primers from Cheiro? Wake up, smell the coffee. We are talk-ing call centres crammed with clairvoyants forecasting for those with the mobiles and the mind to ring in. R&D labs where newer software, to help the computer calculate horoscopes more accurately, are in perpetual make. University-affiliated classes crowded with wannabe oracles. Swank seminars in posh hotels, where delegates who refer to themselves as jyotishpandits, jyotishacharyas and...

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